Honorary Overseas Advisory Committee

Mr. Tan Dibjin 陈立人
– 集友-陈嘉庚基金(香港)名誉董事
Mr. Zhu Youping 朱幼平
– 国家信息中心中经网管理中心副主任、党总支副书记
– 国家信息中心中国经济信息网总编审
– 国家信息中心中国智慧城市发展研究中心研究员
– WBCC全球区块链联盟总商会总干事长
Madam Xiong Jiuling 熊九玲 (Director General)
– Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality
– former China Council for the promotion of International Trade, Beijing Sub-Council
– former China Chamber of International Commerce
–  former Beijing Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Kang Rongping 康荣平
– Chief editor of Yearbook of the World Chinese Entrepreneurs.
– Standing member, China International Economic Relationship Society.
– Deputy Director-general, China PECC Business Forum
– As a member of Chinese Economist Pool collected by Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP).
Mr. Wang Zhiwei 王志伟 (Director General)
– Ministy of Commerce People’s Republic of China Department of Commerce of Jilin Province
Mr. Lu Wei Xiong 吕伟雄 (former vice President)
– The overseas Exchange Association of Guangdong Province
Prof. Dr. Wang Yong 王勇 (Vice Chairman)
– Vice chairman of Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
– President Music School of Shanghai University
Mr. Chen Qizhang chen 陈启璋 (deputy Director)
– Jinan Science and Technology Bureau
Mr. Zhang Zhili  张自力董事长
– 晋江市钜泰教学设备有限公司
Mr. Xie Yuangze (Chairman of the board)
– Chuang Da Group
– Chun Ming Enterprise
– Chun Yu Enterprise