Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd. , founded in 1999, develops and manufactures pearlescent pigments and is headquartered in Fuqing City, in the Fujian Province of Southern China. It has regional sales offices in China, Europe, North America, India and Korea and is listed since 2017 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Kuncai offers an extensive range of pigments for applications in automotive coatings, industrial coatings, architectural paints, plastics, cosmetics, printing and packaging inks, specialty paper, wallpapers, building materials and cosmetics.
With a fully automated state-of –the art production infrastructure, Kuncai is the global technology leader when it comes to advanced effect pigments production. Kuncai is also the only producer of effect pigments, that has an own main raw material production in house. A patented, optimized production process for the raw materials and the production process for effect pigments itself ensures consistent and easily reproducable quality standards, innovative product developments and fast market responses.

With a sales volume of around 72,1 Mio USD and 420 Employees in 2017 Kuncai is one of the leading companies in the global market of special effect pigments.