The Dutch Chinese Young Entrepreneurs foundation (DCYE) is an international business platform which provides access to a multi-industry network of young professionals with Chinese background and Dutch companies or entrepreneurs involved in business with Asia. DCYE serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, best practices and offers access to exclusive international network.
With its strategic alliances in more than 70 countries and cooperative exchanges with (government supported) entrepreneur associations in provinces of China, DCYE is your gateway towards new business opportunities worldwide. DCYE can realize their ambition through the efforts and network of the honorary board.

What can DCYE offer you?
• Exclusive international business network
• Expand your business into new markets
• Investment and trade development updates
• Free attendance to exclusive international forums in China
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The Dutch Chinese Young Entrepreneur foundation(DCYE), is a private, non-political and non-profit organisation. DCYE is an exclusive network organisation in the Netherlands for high profile professionals, entrepreneurs, SME enterprises, which are involved with business in China or which originated from China. Our business platform provides in the need for exchanging knowledge and keeping updated with relevant information like international government policies and new business opportunities in diverse sectors of the economy.

DCYE has cooperative exchanges with governmental entrepreneurs associations (top 5000 companies, stock market listed) and exclusive business clubs from provinces in China. Apart from these organisations in China, DCYE has a strategic alliance with Chinese entrepreneurial clubs worldwide in more than 70 countries. Through our network, our members can participate in exchange programs with Chinese entrepreneurs and have the opportunity to attend exclusive international conferences in China.

DCYE offers a bridge for the Dutch society towards Asian business and culture to close the gap and aim for a mutual understanding of our cultures. For the Chinese Young professionals and entrepreneurs DCYE offers an opportunity to actively participate in the Dutch leading society.


Promotion seminar on the 19th national Congress of the People’s Republic of China, January 26th 2018.

Our partner European Investment Council supported for the promotion seminar on the 19th national Congress of the People’s Republic of China on January 26th, 2018 in The Hague. The event organized by the Chinese Embassy with a keynote speech by Li Xiaoxin, Member of the Ministerial Board, Director-General Organisational Affairs Central Committee of the Communist …

DCYE join Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to China

DCYE joined the Dutch Prime Mininster delegation to China from 23rd until 28th of March 2015, visiting Shanghai and Shenzhen. Group photo with the Dutch delegation and prime minister Mark Rutte in Shanghai. During the trip, DCYE signed the MoU with the RNW for economic and cultural cooperation. DCYE chairman has been received by the …


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